Marcia Dixon

Marcia Dixon has been with the company 19 years.  Marcia was hired as an assistant to our office manager at the time.  She was a fast learner and always dependable, when the office manager position was vacated, Marcia quickly took over.  Marcia handles all office bookkeeping, payroll and a myriad of other important and necessary clerical items to keep our office greased and running smooth.  Marcia is also Steve’s sister in law.  Says Steve “There is so much paperwork that Marcia consistently handles every day behind the scenes.  I could not operate without her efforts ”


  • Reading
  • Trips to Reno/Tahoe w/ family
  • Creating "Memory Books" of family
  • Computer Games
  • Going to the Ocean
  • Walks in the woods and parks
  • Gardening



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