Be careful who you entrust your hard earned money to. Make sure the company you hire will perform and complete your project to acceptable quality levels "before" you hire them by contacting references and asking questions like "Did they do a good job?" or "Would you hire them again?". Companies that have earned Diamond Certification (see Hansen landscapes Diamond Certification report) or have a high Better Business Bureau grade (see Hansen landscapes BBB report) are a good start in your search for a company to handle your project.

Below are pictures of projects gone wrong. Attributable to: a) Inexperienced contractors or b) Uncaring contractors, or c) Shortcuts taken by contractors due to offering too much for too little monies.

Remember this> "The bitterness of a bad job outlives the sweetness of a low price"(Check this out)

PLEASE NOTE> Hansen Landscape DID NOT install these projects shown below.  They are shared with you to show that not all companies are created equal and that you should not assume that a contractor will do a good job, just because he is licensed (check a companies Ca State Contractors License here) It is important to contact several references that the being considered to hire contractor has worked for. Better still is to go look at a few jobs the company has installed. If their customers are happy with their work, they will be more than happy to vouch for them and chat with you.





A note from owner Steve Hansen.



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